Retirement Coaching

One of the most substantial and impactful changes in our life will be when we retire from work and our career to our next phase of life. A successful retirement requires mindful reflections to provide you with the insight, tools and resources to plan out your goals and objectives in your next life phase.

How will you replace the things that you liked most about your work? Have you identified what your new life will entail? How will you manage all this new time? What will keep you busy and productive? What will be your new sense of meaning and purpose? What will be your new avenues of social interactions? What are you retiring to and what do you need to do to make it happen?

Retirement is now no longer viewed as a one-time event, but rather an evolutionary process that can span across 20-40 years. Together, we can frame your vision of the future, and build your personal plan.

Retirement Readiness Assessment

The Retirement Success Profile TM and The LifeOptions Profile TM are assessments developed by Psychologist Dr Richard Johnston who submits there are 15 factors that predict a successful transition into retirement. It provides a base measurement of your own retirement readiness and launching pad for further preparation. Your response to these carefully structured questions will reveal insights into your current attitudes and opinions about work, family life, relationships, leisure time and more.

I am licensed to administer and interpret these coaching instruments.

Certified Retirement Coach
Retirement Options