About Laurie Paterson, Longevity Wellness Consultant | Lifestyle Transition Coach

Hi I’m Laurie – an enthusiastic intellect that is curious about the human body and mind, and all of its complexities. This has led me to study and practice healing modalities such as reiki, reflexology, tapping (EFT), mindfulness and meditation, yoga, coaching, and engaging in primarily a plant-based diet.

I’m a certified life coach who specialized in midlife transformations including retirement lifestyle planning.   I’m also a certified mindfulness facilitator.

For over 25 years I worked at a large financial institution, specializing in adult education, retirement products and services, and financial wellness. I hired and motivated teams, and lead people through innovation and change management.

I actively find ways of blending and harmonizing these two worlds – the corporate, continuous improvement business leader alongside mindfulness and compassion. In our turbulent world of constant change, business transformation and keeping up with the digital evolution, this is no easy feat.

I help people create a lifestyle where all needs are met, and to align the strategic resources (personal and financial) to achieve it.  I support my clients through their personal transformation, in making new habits and getting rid of those that no longer serve them, by integrating coaching and change management techniques through mindfulness.

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